BLRC Small Boat Invitational

The Burnaby Lake Small Boat Invitational (BL4kTT) is a 4k time trial with a 250m sprint for the top finishers in each boat class. Event winners based on combined 4K result and 250 m sprint result. 

Events Offered

4 km Head Race (2 times 2,000 m with one 180 degree turn) + 250m Final for Top 6 Finishers

 1x – Men, Women – Junior, Senior, Master and Mixed Adaptive

 2x – Men, Women – Junior, Senior, Master

 2x – Mixed – Junior, Senior, Master

 2- – Men, Women – Junior, Senior, Master 

The fastest (based on raw time + penalties) men’s and women’s 1x’s, 2x’s and 2-‘s will qualify for the 250 m Sprint to determine the overall Regatta Champion for each class.

A 6 lane sprint will take place for boat classes with 8 or more entries. For boat classes with 5-7 entries a 4 lane Sprint will take place. There will be no sprint for boat classes with less than 5 entries.

The sprint races will start around 1:30pm

Course Maps

Warm-up & Landing Traffic Pattern

Course Map

Venue Site Plan

Map for 250m Sprint


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Start list (as of Sep 29th 2022)